Monday, 9 September 2013

Sleek Makeup♡

After hearing everyone rave about the Sleek Makeup range I decided to splash out and buy myself two products from their collection. Zoella is always raving about their 'Face Contour Kit' so I jumped on her band wagon if you will and bought one in the shade Light.
I'm so sorry about my disgusting nail that seems to be way longer than any of my others!!
I'm not sure whether I have mastered the art of contouring and I definitely need to invest in a contour brush to help myself out with using this product (looks like I'll be adding to my collection of real techniques brushes!) but so far I am loving how pigmented both the dark powder and the highlighter are and how they look on my face. I have also been using the highlighter on my brow bone and down my nose and it really makes my face shine!

Face Contour Kit (Light) £6.49

The second thing I bought from Sleek is their 'i-Divine mineral based eye shadow palette' in 'Au Naturel'. I went for a palette with more neutrel colours in as I felt I would use it more and I was correct! The colours are perfect for wearing to college without looking too over done and the big mirror in the palette helps with applying my make up on the go! Just like the contour kit the colours are all very pigmented and stay on throughout the day, perfect for a student like me haha.
As you can see I have tried to use the brush that came with the palette but I much prefer my Real Techniques shading brush for applying my eye shadow!
i-Divine mineral based eye shadow palette (Au Naturel) £7.99

Sleeks packaging lives up to it's name and to me looks like a high end product rather than something you can pick up in Boots, I was also impressed with how quickly my order from their website came! It took about 2 days to arrive and didn't cost much postage either. I was honestly expecting it to take a lot longer than it did so I was a happy bunny when they turned up :)

I would highly highly recommend their products as they are very good products and affordable too (everyone's a winner yaaay!)

I hope this has helped you and hopefully after reading this you will be inspired to take a look at Sleek's website or one of their stands in Boots :)

love you guys xxxxx

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